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Contact the Registrar's Office at registrar @ for inquiries.

Individual Course Registration

    Students enrolling in a college course must have completed the prerequisites posted in the course description with at least a grade of C. If taking a course for transfer into your own school or for an organizational requirement, get approval of our particular course for your particular situation from your school or organization before registering. CALCampus is non-degree granting and does not participate in federal student loan programs.

Student Manual

    Every registered student is required to read the Student Manual. This explains many details about how CALCampus operates and answers many of your questions. Click here to view, download, and print the Student Manual.


    Every student who successfully completes a CALCampus course is automatically issued one hardcopy transcript of course completion for free, which is mailed to the address on your registration form. You do not have to request the first one: you get it as a matter of procedure. If you wish to have this first one mailed to a different address than the one you put on your registration form, e-mail the Registrar with the new address and contact information before you receive your final grade. For additional requests for the same course transcript, there is a fee. E-mail the Registrar.


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