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Postsecondary Division

College Credit
The CALCampus Postsecondary Division offers college credit courses to students from other colleges and universities, as well as to working adults needing courses for professional development requirements.

To Register
  • Courses
    See the Course List with Prices. Click on the course numbers to read the course descriptions. Students enrolling in college courses must have already earned a high school diploma and fulfilled any posted prerequisites.

    Once you have selected a course, go to our online Admissions Office and fill out the Individual Course Registration Form posted on that page.
  • Semester Credits
    Semester credits are included on our official academic records. CALCampus college level courses are designed for 3 semester credits, unless otherwise posted. These are listed with 300-level numbers in the Course List.

    All CALCampus courses are graded. (A 94-100, A- 90-93.9, B+ 87-89.9, B 84-86.9, B- 80-83.9, C+ 77-79.9, C 74-76.9, C- 70-73.9...below 70% is not passing).

    Students do their exams at their home location. Midterm and Final Exams are proctored.

    Transferring Courses
    The decision to accept a course in transfer from another school is always made by the receiving institution. If taking a course for transfer into your own school, get approval for the transfer, preferably in writing, from your school before registering. We advise all students to check with their advisors before registering for a course to be used in transfer. Print the course description to show your advisor. We can provide a syllabus for your advisor, if needed.

    Official Transcripts
    CALCampus automatically issues an official transcript for each course completed. This comes in the form of a traditional hardcopy transcript of course completion with grade earned and number of credits, signed and sealed by CALCampus administration. Individual course transcripts are processed weekly.

    Cumulative transcript and program certificate are processed for the TESOL Certificate Program within two weeks of the student's completion of all requirements.

State Licensing
See Licensing

What Our Students Think
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Note to Educational Institutions
We are glad to cooperate with other educational institutions to provide online courses to supplement their students' local curriculum needs.

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