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Current Course List

CALCampus STUDENT ADMISSION (pay once with first course): $75
Course Prices: listed beside each course below.
Course Descriptions: click course numbers below.

300-numbers are college credit courses. 200-numbers are high school/homeschool credit or adult basic skills.

Updates to this list occur throughout the year.



College Math Courses

MTH303 Basic College Mathematics $450
MTH304 Intermediate Algebra $450
MTH305 College Algebra $900
MTH307 College Geometry $900
MTH310 College Trigonometry $900
MTH314 College Pre-Calculus (4 credits) $1200
MTH315 Beginning Calculus I $900
MTH316 Beginning Calculus II $900
MTH320 College Calculus I $900
MTH321 College Calculus II $900
MTH330 College Statistics $900

High School Math Courses

MTH205 High School Algebra I $450
MTH207 Plane Geometry $450
MTH208 High School Algebra II $450
MTH210 Trigonometry $450
MTH215 Beginning Calculus I $450
MTH216 Beginning Calculus II $450


College Science

SH301 Essentials of Medical Terminology $900
SH310 College Chemistry $900
SH310L College Chemistry Lab (1 credit) $300
SH312 Organic Chemistry $900
SH313 Organic Chemistry Lab (1 credit) $300
SH315 College Physics $900
SH320 College Biology I $900
SH320L College Biology I Lab (1 credit) $300
SH321 College Biology II $900
SH321L College Biology II Lab (1 credit) $300
SH322 Fundamentals of Microbiology $900
SH323 Basic Practical Microbiology Lab (1 credit) $300
SH325 Basic Anatomy and Physiology $900
SH326 Basic Practical Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1 credit) $300
SH328 Biochemistry $900
SH329 Basic Practical Biochemistry Lab (1 credit) $300

SH210 General Chemistry (high school) $450


BU301 Principles of Management $900
BU333 Organizational Behavior $900
BU345 Marketing $900


High School Social Science

SST207 Survey of American History $450
SST208 American Government $450


College English

EN300 College Basic English $450

High School English

EN200 Basic English I $225
EN201 Basic English II $225
EN210 High School English Composition $450
EN211 High School Introduction to World Literature $450
EN212 Survey of American Literature $450
EN213 Survey of English Literature $450

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